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“Uni-logistics”, a forwarding and logistics company, is a service provider in the field of land transport (we have our own fleet), sea and air freight, intermodal freight transport and customs services (we have our own customs agency – AEO Certificate). Since 2007 our company have been domiciled in Gdynia. As an important element of our policy we have been expanding our network of offices, home and abroad, in order to provide services of many types of cargos in national and international forwarding relations. We understand in our organization that logistics requires observing strict procedures while maintaining creativity and flexibility at the same time.

Address: Energetyków 5 Gdynia 81-184 Poland

Phone: +48 58 667 99 99

E-mail: info@unilogistics.pl

Region: Germany; France; United Kingdom; Italy; Russia; Spain; Netherlands; Turkey; Switzerland; Poland; Belgium; Denmark; Greece; Finland; Portugal; Ireland; Czech Republic; Romania; Ukraine; Hungary; Kazakhstan; Slovakia; Croatia; Belarus; Luxembourg; Azerbaijan; Slovenia; Bulgaria; Serbia; Lithuania; Latvia; Cyprus; Estonia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Iceland; Albania; Georgia; Macedonia; Armenia; Malta; Kosovo; Moldova; Montenegro

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Federal Association of SME's, Rostock

NPPE Klaipeda Shipping Research centre



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