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Rubicon Shipping Ltd

Rubicon Shipping Ltd was established in 1996. Since November 2004, an independent company transport unit has been in operation including specialized compositions for heavy and oversized cargoes, escort vehicles and technical staff.

- Road transport and forwarding of oversized and heavy cargoes
- Combined transportation via Danube river
- Transshipment operations at all Bulgarian ports
- Obtaining special permits from, to and trough Bulgaria,
- Providing civil escort and police escort if it is necessary

Address: 91 Gotse Delchev blvd, 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 82 844053

E-mail: office@rubicon-bg.com

Region: Romania; Bulgaria

Contact person: Petar Raev

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Federal Association of SME's, Rostock

NPPE Klaipeda Shipping Research centre



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