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The main specialization of LATSPED is transportation of long, wide, high and heavy transportation.
Doing transportation we are using our own fleet of trucks (10 trucks and 18 special modified trailers).
We are doing transportation by land-sea-land network, as it is the way of transportation reducing the costs in comparison with transportation by road only.
We have big experience in delivery of oversized cargo from European clients in different areas of business (gas & oil industry, agriculture, food and drinks processing industry and many others). For more information visit our homepage at WWW.LATSPED.LV

Address: Kapsētas iela 9/15

Phone: +371 634 80 561

E-mail: latsped@latsped.lv

Region: Latvia

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Federal Association of SME's, Rostock

NPPE Klaipeda Shipping Research centre



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