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Nöpel Group

Nöpel Group is a service provider who provides permits and escort service for abnormal transports in Europe since 25 years. The aim is to provide as much service as possible for the actual heavy transport companies. Enabling them to concentrate on the essentials. This includes ordering permits, escorts but also order police escort and route surveys. With our current 28 BF 3 escort cars we are one of the strongest service companies in Germany. For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Address: Remestr. 1, 58300 Wetter - Germany

Phone: 0049 2335 968 70

E-mail: m.dickmann@noepel.com

Region: Germany

Contact person: Moritz Dickmann

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Federal Association of SME's, Rostock

NPPE Klaipeda Shipping Research centre



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