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The paper presents a concept of transport corridors for oversize cargo transport in the Southern Baltic Sea Region. The concept was developed under the Oversize Baltic Program partners. The paper presents a methodology for designation of oversize transport corridors and their planned location within the territory of Poland. More
Cargo transport by vehicles longer and heavier than standard ones is associated with the intermodal competition problem in transport. The constant tendency to increase the permissible parameters of vehicles, including their weight, is still on the rise today. Road hauliers are putting pressure to permit free movement of LHV (Longer and Heavier Vehicles) and Megatrailers in Europe. Tests, consultations and numerous studies are carried out to support decision-making processes. This article contributes to this discussion by formulating authors’ conclusions. More
PROBLEMS OF DOMESTIC OVERSIZE CARGO TRANSPORT related to the transport in THE South Baltic Region
The paper presents problems of oversize cargo carried by various modes of transport, relevant legal instruments and problems that carriers face during the preparation and transport of extremely heavy and/or huge pieces of cargo in Poland. The international program Oversize Baltic will be described. The program aims at the standardization of procedures connected with the carriage of oversize cargo pieces in the South Baltic Region. More
The system for oversized cargo transportation services is being created
UAB Omega Technology, the subsidiary of Norwegian-capital company Omega AS, established in Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP), together with KSTP are creating a so-called “one stop shop” system OTIN (Oversize Transport Information Network). This system will help transport companies to get information about oversized cargo transportation and obtain necessary permits. More
Business to business meeting in Karlsham Sweden
Transport companies that has practice and capacities in Oversize transportation are invited to the business to business event combined with the practical training “Oversize cargo- challenges for the Ro-Ro lines”. Please read the event program and join us in Karlsham More

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