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"Oversize Baltic" is known globally
Even the project has finished the results of the “Oversize Baltic” are spreading wide all over the world. The long standing cooperation between Klaipeda University, state institutions and Klaipeda Science and Technology Park has developed traditional transport and energy related conference gathering policy makers and business from Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany, Sweden and Norway More
400 tons by rail in Lithuania
The heaviest cargo by rail was transported in the end of the 2010 by state enterprise “Lithuanian Railways”. The extremely heavy 400 tons turbine was shipped to Lithuania, Klaipeda port and by rails transported to Elektrenai. More
Oversize cargo transportation: Ice has moved
Every year, more than 60,000 permits to transport oversize cargo are issued in the southern Baltic region. Due to the development of major energy projects, construction and modernization of plants, the number of this type of cargo is increasing; therefore all countries have made efforts the transport of oversize cargo to be smoother and faster. Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP) has implemented the project “Oversize Baltic” together with eight partners from Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Sweden. This is an international project that aims at improving the conditions for transportation of oversize cargo in the southern Baltic region, to resolve administrative problems, to ensure the planning of smooth transportation, to draw the corridors for such transportation. The project lasted two years. More
The Oversize Baltic Video Channel has been launched
We proudly announce that Oversize Baltic video channel has been launched. So far there are 18 video clips with organization profiles illustrating innovations and research in oversize transport industry. In the newly created video channel you may also find advanced cases of heavy haulage transportations implemented all over the world. Please visit our video channel, share with your friends, comment and subscribe. Oversize Baltic Video Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/OversizeBaltic More
Oversize cargo includes non-standard large and heavy pieces of cargo, such as electric transformers, reactor vessels, wind turbines, airplane fuselage or nuclear power plant components, which are usually part of advanced infrastructural high priority energy and technology projects. Oversize transport often needs to travel over a considerable distance. In many cases, national borders have to be crossed. Various modes of transport are used to carry oversize units, often including maritime transport. As there are problems to be solved in connection with this kind of transport, this paper presents an analysis of relevant issues. More

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