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More than 7 m width load transported in Poland
Exactly 7.05 m width cabin module for Oil Rig platform was delivered to Siarkoport in Gdansk by Scandinavian Express. Next the cargo reached its final destination - Oil Rig platform in Norway. More
To organize oversize transportation project from Germany to Lithuania takes less than one week
Eight trucks convoy with 600 HP tractor units trasnsported 575 tons precast concrete components from Germany to Klaipeda. More
Everything about self propelled modular trailers (SPMT)
Engineers are using modular construction techniques on projects where space, time, or available labour is limited. However, the technique requires the use of special transport vehicles capable of positioning immense loads with millimetre precision. More
LHV in South Baltic ?
The European Union legislation limits the size of road vehicles used for international freight transport to 18.75 m and 40 tones. Other dimensions are accepted for domestic services as long as vehicle combinations are based on the so-called European Modular System. More
The world’s largest 2011
The leading international journal of oversize cargo transportation and lifting “International Cranes and Specialized Transport” every year is publishing the IC 50 and IC T50 rankings presenting world’s largest crane-owning companies and world’s largest heavy and specialized transport owning companies. The IC index for transport companies is calculated using the total carrying capacity of all specialized transport equipment in the company’s fleet. More

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