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The record of cargo in width has been beat in Lithuania

The recent oversize cargo transportation cases in Lithuania are associated with success of oversize cargo transportation company JSC “Maretas”. On the middle of October through Lithuania company was carrying 40 tons and 9 m. diameter cargo, which is a record load in Lithuania according width.


As CEO of JSC “Maretas” Eugenijus Vekrikas told total the weight of load was around 190 tons, but the length 75 m. and 9 m. in width. Therefore to transport this size of cargo under the Lithuanian conditions would be nearly impossible, therefore cargo was cut into 20 pieces and transported separately. The special tube-shape platform was made in Spain and shipped to Klaipeda port. Within two weeks all pieces of machinery were transported through Vilnius to Novoplock oil refinery factory in Belarus. The main challenge for transportation was the diameter of cargo. In order to implement project successfully company first made test route with load size fake cargo model. Without meeting any obstacles during the test trip the real cargo was transported without troubles.


In fact the same company JSC “Maretas” on November also transported one of the heaviest cargo in Lithuania’s transport history - 200 tons transformer. The machine was transported by railway from Ukraine to Panevezys then by truck delivered to city.

Check out the video here.


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