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To organize oversize transportation project from Germany to Lithuania takes less than one week

The German company Universal Transporte Michels GmbH & Co remembering transportation of precast girders to Klaipeda identify this job as a real challenge since project came with very short notice,  was urgent and needed to organized everything in less than one week. After successful cooperation with road traffic authorities the urgency of the situation and the evidentiary documents allowed to obtain permits without delay.The transport assignment was to deliver especially produced precast concrete girders to a power station in Lithuania.


A total of eight experienced truck drivers set out on the road from Paderborn with their 600 HP tractor units and their four- or five-axle trailers with a 4.53 m load height and a gross weight of 75 tonnes each. The three chartered subcontractors followed on. There was no room for mistakes. Special measures were necessary with the 40-metre-long trailers in order to secure the high girders in a proper way.

Not only were there eight Paderborn drivers involved in this transport, two dispatchers from Universal Transport also came along. They had programmed a route that had to be adhered to strictly. The time schedules could all be kept, such as the arrival times at loading and unloading points and the arrival at the ferries, for example.
On 14th July 2010, the first transport started from Eichenzell near Fulda on its way to the town of Klaipeda in Lithuania. Within an extremely narrow time window, two night journeys had to be planned in order to reach the ferry in Kiel harbour. The ferry crossing took 21 hours and, after that, the route continued for just on two days on sometime uneven roads to the endpoint. This meant that 1,300 kilometres had been travelled in six days with a total of 575 t precast concrete components as baggage.


Information and pictures source: http://www.universal-transport.eu (http://www.universal-transport.com/cms/upload/pdf/universal_litauen_en.pdf)


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