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Remembering development of heavy transport industry in 2010 the image could be defined as retention strategies of the companies aiming to adjust the existing capacities without expanding their fleet following the deepest worldwide recession. Even the economic crisis is till at stake this year IC ranking suggests positive turn for the heavy transport companies showing general tendency of enlarging global capacities of oversize cargo transportation companies. 


The comparison of the world’s heavy transport leaders in 2010 and 2011 shows no big changes among top companies. Mammoet retains its customary first place with a slight increase in total capacity, but the gap to second place has been shortened by Landstar Transportation Logistics which has swapped places with last year’s runner-up ALE to take second place. In 2010 the distance between leader Mammoet and second place company ALE was 52673 tons, but in 2011 difference lowered at 40113 tons. In fact all top 10 companies except Al Jaber Heavy Lift & Transport from Abu Dhabi increased their total capacity this year. Some of the companies such as UK-based Allelys Heavy Haulage made even more impressive progress increasing total capacity by 2854 tones and jumping 12 places from 52 in 2010 to 40 this year. 


The global review of 2011 indicates that a majority of companies adding between 5 and 35% to their overall fleet capacity. The biggest oversize cargo companies made significant investment in 2011 for upgrading their machineries and employing more people. The gloabal shift towards increasing capacities of oversize transport companies suggests that big industries are recovering and strategic constructions are moving further, therefore demand of oversize transportation services is growing too.

IC T50 2011


IC T50 2010 

Information source: KHL Group. International Cranes and Specialized Transport. Volumes August 2010; August 2011.


Photo source: http://www.goldhofer.de

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