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400 tons by rail in Lithuania

The heaviest cargo by rail was transported in the end of the 2010 by state enterprise “Lithuanian Railways”. The extremely heavy 400 tons turbine was shipped to Lithuania, Klaipeda port and by rails transported to Elektrenai.


For this project "Lithuanian Railways" rented out a 28 axis non-standard cargo transporter platform from Ukraine. To implement cargo transportation safe the unique solutions was taking. There was a special cargo size frame constructed and fastened after front locomotive which function was to signal any obstruction on the way during transportation. The whole train had six wagons, providing a safe stopping distance in the combination with the escort wagon, the platform with the turbine itself and one protection/safety wagon in the end of the train.


Due transportation process some of the rail lines were stopped, signal lights removed. The overall project took around 3 days while successfully was delivered to the end point in Elektrenai. This was the heaviest cargo transported by rail in Lithuania during last 30 years.


The gas turbine was designed for thermal power plant station in Elektrenai for the construction of the ninth power block. The planed capacity of the block will be around 450 MW and constructions going to be finished in year 2012.


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Federal Association of SME's, Rostock

NPPE Klaipeda Shipping Research centre



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