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The system for oversized cargo transportation services is being created

UAB Omega Technology, the subsidiary of Norwegian-capital company Omega AS, established in Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP), together with KSTP are creating a so-called “one stop shop” system OTIN (Oversize Transport Information Network). This system will help transport companies to get information about oversized cargo transportation and obtain necessary permits. The creation of the system is a part of an international project “Oversize Baltic" initiated by Klaipeda Science and Technology Park. During this project nine partners from Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Germany will seek to improve the quality of oversized cargo transportation services and large freight functional (operational) compatibility in the South Baltic region. The oversized transportation strategy of the mentioned region is developed in order to create a unified regional approach to oversized cargo transportation procedures and identify four key aspects of development: transportation corridors, legal framework, economic impact, and improvements of infrastructure and technology. Developing a successful collaboration with the Norwegian-Lithuanian company Omega Technology, an oversized cargo transportation services system is being built. This system enables carriers to obtain information about the transportation of oversized cargo in the South Baltic region. The system is intended to integrate with existing systems in Sweden and Germany thus significantly improving the accessibility of permits issuing services. In countries where information systems were not adapted to support web services, the extended version of the system will be used, allowing to simplify the communication between the authorities and carriers. Following the implementation of the current project the development of the system both in functional and geographical context is planned. We hope that soon whole Baltic Sea region will have the possibility to use services of this system. UAB Omega Technology is creating all kinds of non-standard IT products, adapting them individually to customers needs. Software products are developed based on Omega’s internally developed framework – AppFrame, which serves as the basis for Omega’s “Project Information Management System” (PIMS) and enterprise collaboration platform “Team Documents”.

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