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Project Kick-off meeting will take place in Klaipeda (LT) on 22-23 September

Currently, in the absence of European harmonization in Oversize Transportation field, international
transporters are confronted with a panoply of rules and procedures, for instance on vehicle escorts, the
time frames allowed, authorized speeds, etc. for obtaining an oversize road transport permit. This varies
from state to state or sometimes even from region to region. Often, this result in delays and difficulties
for carries to make precise cost calculations or to meet their contractual obligations to shippers and
An international initiative group initiated project Oversize Baltic with intention to solve some oversize
cargo transportation problems and received positive assessment and approval for ERDF-funding by the
Steering Committee of the South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme: “The project addresses
a genuine cross-border problem which cannot be solved on national basis. The result is cross-sectoral
i.e. of integrated and will be obtained by co-operation of port authorities with research institution under
auspices of public structure supporting innovation fostering. The project offers added value for
strengthening of the SB competitive position. The project is characterized by: strong cross-border
impact, appropriate action plan, clear budget and efficient management structures” (extract from
approval letter).
In relation to the meeting, the project administration group is offering a meeting with the project
partners to explain the conditions that were set for the project, as well as to discuss unclear issues.

 Project Partners


Federal Association of SME's, Rostock

NPPE Klaipeda Shipping Research centre



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