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The non-standard cargo creates non-standard problems. Oversize transportation is a big part of industry, energy, infrastructure development. Oversize transportation has big impact to economical development in every country but it is still very differently organized in separate countries of sought Baltic region, development of common oversize transportation strategy  using the good practice and creating new policies could increase SBR economical competitiveness develop the links to common transport infrastructure. . Oversized transport is usually a very important part of every development project so it supposes to be free of any, bureaucracy, miscommunication or possibly infrastructural issues, which would really ad an economical competitiveness to Sought Baltic region in many industry sectors: energy; industry; transport.

When we are talking about oversize transport we are talking about transportation of different turbines, reactors, construction structures, that is very important parts of any construction or development project, if we would be able to narrow the time tables, and reduce the bureaucratically and infrastructural complications, possibly prices of this type of transportation projects, that would add an enormous impact to the regions economical development:

  • industry

Industrial project would be easily developed, territory for the industrial production could be spread, production of big industrial parts would be available far from the port and it would decrease a price of development and operation of such businesses in the region.  

  • Transportation

Making the Sought Baltic region more open for oversize goods would make in more competitive in the global transportation market. Oversize goods transportation streams to Russian; Ukrainian, Kazakhstan could be organized throe the Sought Baltic region. Development of oversize transportation infrastructure would improve the regular transportation and make it safer

  • Energy’

Development of alternative energy sector is huge in the sought Baltic region. The wind power is a leading energy development sector in the region. Every aspect of wind power farms is involved with the oversize transportation it is the second most important issue after the wind. The development and spread of the alternative energy sources is directly connected to the affectivity of regions oversize transport system.

Understanding that the oversize transportation may be the key issue for the regions industry and energy sector development Klaipeda Science and Technology Park is developing the project “Oversize Baltic”.

Long term cooperation with partners among the Baltic Sea region and qualification in transportation project development, makes this new project very promising and developed issues effective.

 The main Oversize Baltic project objectives:

  1. To develop a new Oversize transportation strategy increasing regions economical attractiveness.
  2. To develop an  SBR oversize transportation information network to improve transport operations (One stop shop for transportation permits, study and routes )
  3. Develop a regions oversize transportation study marking the routs, transportation infrastructure and intermodality improving oversize transportation affectivity.
  4. Transferring the oversize transportation improvement solutions to the regions policy.
  5. Improving the business and infrastructure cooperation developing regions competitiveness in global transportation market.

WP- Oversize Strategy

Oversize transportation involves lot of different issues and organizations and it has the crucial impact to some development or transportation projects.  The transport accessibility in general means make transportation things easer, simpler, safer, implementing this policy in to the oversize transport system we would develop enormous impact to the regions economical competitiveness, ecological situation improvement also the connections between the transport infrastructures would be established . That is way the Sought Baltic regions suppose to develop common Oversize transportation strategy sharing a good practice and developing new issues.  Strategy supposes to be developed from 4 different views:

  1. Oversize directions.
  2. Oversize legislation
  3. Economical
  4. Infrastructure and technological development


Strategy development group suppose to consist from leading transport scientist; policy makers and responsible public institutions.


WP- OTIN (oversize transport information network)


  1. OTIN development group

To make the information exchange system functional it is very important to involve all the organizations responsible for the oversize permits. Every partner region will form 3 person groups to the general OTIN development its composition based on triple helix system – representative from road administration; policy maker; transport scientist. 

  1. OTIN strategy development

 OTIN development group will be responsible for OTIN strategy development. Strategy will be consisting from:

    • Web based one stop shop for permit issue and route description development structure and possibilities.
    • Oversize transportation study on routes and infrastructure development evaluation
    • OTIN implementation/dissemination  strategy
    • OTIN technical conditions
  1. OTIN development

To show a real cooperation and integration affectivity it is necessary to develop the OTIN and have it working. It is a web based tool which needs to be supported and integrated in to the road administration systems among the partner regions. Development of OTIN will be based on technical and political issues which have to be solved in project activities.


WP – B to B

For effective implementation of new Oversize transport strategy, the business involvement is necessary to collect the strategy’s target points, evaluate the economical and political impact, develop the infrastructural conditions for Oversize transportation effectiveness.

  1. Oversize strategy evaluation.

To promote and support the Oversize strategy there is necessary to present and evaluate it in the business community. There suppose to be conferences and meetings organized to involve transport and production businesses to develop a practical tips for the strategy

  1. Intemodal connection.

To create an effective oversize infrastructure there suppose to be links in between different types of transport business developed. It would be effective to have promotional meetings for exact transportation projects/ solutions in every partner region presentation. Projects developed by different companies in different regions and transport sectors would be presented establishing creative business cooperation.

  1. Competitiveness promotion/ export coordination.

As it mentioned in the project description having the new oversize transport strategy region would increase economical competitiveness in transportation and investment sectors. It would be useful to develop a strategies promotion in connected regions having the transport infrastructure expanded and new export markets.

South Baltic cross-border cooperation programme www.southbaltic.eu

Project has started on July 1st 2009

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